Board of Trustees


The University of Arizona Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Comprised of business and civic leaders, the Board is responsible for the Foundation’s policies, procedures and direction. Their professional expertise and community involvement allow them to offer valuable insights into the Foundation’s development efforts.


The UA Foundation manages all fund development at the University of Arizona through a development services contract. University administrators and faculty work with the Foundation to determine fund-raising priorities and goals. The Foundation works to ensure that gifts are spent according to donor wishes and in ways that are consistent with the mission of the University.

Asset Management

The Foundation’s fiduciary responsibility is outlined in a formal investment policy. The policy calls for the Foundation to protect the value of its assets against inflation and achieving the income objective of meeting or exceeding the hurdle rate with consideration of maintaining the value of the asset. By maintaining a balanced package of investments, including stocks, corporate and government bonds and real estate, the Foundation balances the University’s needs for current income with estimated future needs. The Foundation is exempt from state income taxes. It also is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The UA Foundation facilitates the accomplishments of countless University objectives by providing services such as bridge loans to donor pledges; construction and finance assistance; funding and development of educational programs; and technology transfer from campus to the marketplace. The Foundation also provides grants. Its annual grants and awards program recognizes the achievements of faculty, researchers, undergraduates and graduate students.


The University of Arizona Foundation Board meets four times each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Generally, the fall meeting is held in September and the Annual meeting in May or June. Members will conduct necessary business at all regular meetings, and will elect officers and members at the Annual meeting.


Board members provide advice and counsel to the President/CEO of the University of Arizona Foundation. Members are expected to serve as champions of the University and the Foundation and in doing so will be asked to chair committees and lead other volunteers.


Our expectation is for all members to make the University of Arizona one of their top philanthropic priorities. Major and planned gifts are encouraged, as the primary objective of the UA Foundation is to promote and secure private support for the University. Board members also are expected to encourage other individuals and businesses to contribute; however, they are not required to solicit gifts directly. Board members will be invited to sponsor tables or buy tickets to University and Foundation events.

Advocacy/Community Outreach

In many cases members serve as advocates for the University and the Foundation in their respective communities. We encourage Board members to support the Foundation and the University in other ways that are feasible and interesting for themselves and their firms. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Recommending and recruiting other Board and National Leadership Council members
  • Recommending other professionals from your company or organization to serve on focused departmental or University advisory groups
  • Recruiting prospective University of Arizona students
  • Offering summer internship opportunities for students
  • Hosting visits from student groups or classes to observe how your organization operates
  • Providing a guest speaker for a class, student club, or University-wide event
  • Collaborating with individual faculty on specific research projects that connect your organization with the University