Development Research & Resources

The Development Research & Resources Office collects, analyzes, and shares information to guide the relationship-building activity that supports the development activity of the University of Arizona. Our vision is to be a leader in the strategic use of advancement information for maximizing the success of the University of Arizona’s development program. The Development Research & Resources Office includes the following 4 key support areas: Prospect Research, Prospect Management, Applications Training & Reporting Support, and Alumni/Constituent Records Management (jointly managed with the University of Arizona Alumni Association). Key products, services, and responsibilities for each area are outlined below.

The Prospect Research Team is responsible for:

  • Providing prospecting services, which can include identifying new major gift prospects through data mining, basic analytics and modelling, list production, and wealth screening
  • Completing capacity evaluations and ratings
  • Completing wealth screenings and assessments
  • Monitoring news about donors and prospects
  • Providing presidential and general leadership research support
  • Producing research profiles, which provide in-depth wealth, capacity, philanthropic, and institutional relationship/historical information on individuals, corporations, and foundations (based on publicly available sources)
  • Training development staff on conducting basic internet research

You can request support from the Prospect Research Team by emailing

The Prospect Management Team is responsible for:

  • Managing prospect assignments in the Raiser’s Edge, including primary and secondary relationship manager solicitor assignments and reassignments
  • Providing guidance on prospect qualification and disqualification activity
  • Reviewing and assisting with the maintenance of the proposal pipeline
  • Conducting annual portfolio reviews and audits
  • Providing prospect management training and general prospect management (activity and proposal) Raiser’s Edge support
  • Producing all monthly prospect management reports
  • Developing prospect management policies and processes (in partnership with the Prospect Management Committee)

You can request support from the Prospect Research Team by emailing

The Applications Training & Reporting Support Team is responsible for:

  • Developing Raiser’s Edge training courses (sign up for training)
  • Teaching Raiser’s Edge training courses for new, current, and lapsed users
  • Providing one-on-one help sessions
  • Providing open help sessions
  • Assisting users with developing queries, exports, reports, and general Raiser’s Edge questions

You can request support related to Raiser’s Edge Training and Reporting by emailing

The Alumni & Constituent Records Management Team (jointly managed with the University of Arizona Alumni Association) is responsible for:

  • Overseeing and managing demographic data in Raiser’s Edge, including:
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Email addresses
    • Employment information
    • Spouse/child relationship information
    • Alumni status/information
    • Education/degree information
  • Supporting overall data quality in Raiser’s Edge, including:
    • Deceasing records
    • Merging duplicates
    • Updating addresses from returned mail

You can request support from the Alumni & Constituent Records Management Team by emailing or by submitting an IS Action in Raiser’s Edge

Staff Directory

Emily Walsh

Senior Director, Development Research & Resources
Phone: (520) 621-3043

Susie Schwartz

Associate Director, Prospect Research
Phone: (520) 626-4799

Jason Shults

Prospect Research Analyst
Phone: (520) 621-0865

Jill Olsen

Prospect Management Coordinator
Phone: (520) 621-2119

Ashley Hansen

Applications Training & Reporting Support Manager
Phone: (520) 626-4590

Kathy Adkins

Database Specialist, Principal
Phone: (520) 621-5514