The 1885 Society

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Attaining Distinction

The 1885 Society is a leadership group dedicated to elevating The University of Arizona to excellence by providing an annual, consistent source of unrestricted funding to The University of Arizona. Members include alumni, community leaders, business leaders and parents.

Allow the University to Stay Flexible

Unrestricted gifts are integral to the advancement of the University. These gifts have significant and immediate impact and may be used at the discretion of UA President Ann Weaver Hart to help support the University’s most pressing needs. By making an unrestricted gift, you allow the University to remain flexible in ever-changing times and enable it to plan strategically for the future. All unrestricted gifts serve to advance the University’s educational mission to discover, educate, serve and inspire.

Your annual investment in the 1885 Society will enable President Hart to:

  • Efficiently respond to unique initiatives and time-sensitive opportunities;
  • Recruit and retain the best and the brightest faculty, undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Inspire change, including support for innovative academic and research programs, allowing campus growth with a focus on quality.

Be an Ambassador of Excellence

As a member of the 1885 Society, you will be recognized as an ambassador and champion of The University of Arizona and President Ann Weaver Hart.


You are invited to join the 1885 Society by committing $10,000 annually. You also may choose to make a multi-year commitment.

Our Promise to You

Recognition in the 1885 Society is based on fulfilling the annual giving commitment. Member benefits include:

  • Invitations to members-only events
  • Private tours to show 1885 Society gifts in action
  • Public recognition