The mission of the Office of Stewardship is to sustain and nurture lifelong relationships with the university’s donors while providing accurate and timely information pertaining to the investment, use, and impact of their gifts. The office was established to cultivate, recognize, and acknowledge donors across the university. Donor-focused stewardship is accomplished through timely and appropriate gift acknowledgement, fund reporting, donor recognition, and stewardship activities. Through meaningful and consistent contacts with constituents, we build lifelong relationships with donors and instills trust that gifts and investments are supporting the success of the University.

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Tana Jones

Director of Stewardship

(520) 621-9831

Board and Donor Engagement

Throughout the University's history, gifts from generous alumni and friends like you have been vital to the UA becoming one of the world's premier educational institutions. Today your support remains more important than ever. Thank you for helping the University to fulfill its mission. We are here to serve you.

Mariah Maki

Director of Board and Donor Engagement

(520) 621-9058

Vicky Aldrich

Assistant Director, Special Events

(520) 621-1051

Rachel Karwas

Assistant Director, Special Events

(520) 621-1863

Val Rie Smith

Associate Director of Board & Donor Engagement

(520) 621-9844

Barbara Eckel

Assistant Director, Stewardship and Events

(520) 621-9076