About the Gift Center

Our Mission:

To enhance the fundraising capacity of the University of Arizona community.

The GIFT (Grant, Information, Facilitation, and Training) Center operates as a campus resource to assist faculty, staff, and development personnel in their efforts to increase private support and charitable grant funding for the University of Arizona.

Our onsite and online resource centers, Grants for Lunch training series with guest speakers, and expert staff provide guidance on private grantseeking as well as written gift proposals to groups and individuals for priority fundraising projects. Through our internal consulting and training program, the GIFT Center also offers an introduction to fundraising and development to the entire campus community.

The GIFT Center offers assistance through three service hubs:

Charitable Grants

There is a wealth of information here that is tailored UA-specific as well as more general tools to help with program planning and charitable grantseeking. The Charitable Grants Hub offers UA faculty, staff and development personnel support with their non-governmental charitable grantseeking activities.

General Fundraising

Here you can find out how to access expert consulting services to get started, how to move your fundraising forward, and how to hone your personal development skills. The General Fundraising Hub also provides information and resources to assist the campus community in keeping up-to-date with best practices in university development.

Proposal Writing

The Proposal Writing Hub exists as a resource to assist our university colleagues in the creation of written gift proposals for high priority projects and targeted donor proposals. You can also get editing help, content consultation on existing proposals, personalized proposal letters to accompany existing project materials, and writing consultation on cases of support.