Charitable Grants Hub

Post-Award Coordination and Stewardship

What is stewardship?

Stewardship means a responsibility to take good care. As grantees, we need to take good care of a grantmaker’s investment. We also need to make every effort to achie the shared mission that motivates the gift. Proper stewardship encompasses following the legal requirements of the grant agreement as well as the implied moral responsibility to take good care. Faculty and staff are responsible for formal stewardship and post-award reporting for charitable grants. Business offices and the GIFT Center are ready to assist and are your best resources for accurate grant reporting, of which communicates both the impact of your program and responsible management of a grantmaker’s investments. Note that the GIFT Center does have a courtesy reminder system to help with reporting deadlines.

Why does stewardship matter?

Mistakes in stewardship, such as not communicating promptly when problems arise, affect the entire organization, not just one unit or department. Some organizational funders have relationships with the University that stretch back decades and, we hope, will continue for decades more. Careful attention to stewardship builds a legacy of trust, performance, and positive relationships with people involved in grantmaking. This improves the reputation of the University as a whole and makes future proposals more competitive.

The following resource documents contain best practices when it comes to Post-award coordination and Stewardship:

Foundation Stewardship Best Practices—Information on how to work with the GIFT Center to best steward your gift

What Do Funders Hope for in Grantee Relationships?—Provides the most common and important grantmaker hopes for post-award relationships

Top Ten Ways to Appreciate Foundations—Provides ways of interacting with grantmakers that go beyond standard acknowledgement and reporting procedures

Site Visit Tip Sheet—Sometimes grantmakers want to visit to see your program or unit first-hand. This information can help to ensure that site visits go smoothly

FAQ Charitable Grant Accounting—Provides information about post-award financials, and answers common questions related to UA grant accounting