Proposal Writing Hub

How to Work with Proposal Writers

The Proposal Writing Department is happy to offer the following services to the campus community:

  • Written gift proposals for gifts of $1 million or more and other high priority projects as directed by leadership, in a professional and presentable package.
  • Editing of existing proposals for gifts of $1 million or more.
  • Written concept papers and letters for high priority projects that lead to $1 million asks.
  • Limited consultation and support on cases for support for projects of $1 million or more.

To request a proposal, editing of an existing proposal, or consultation on a case for support, send an introductory email to , along with the completed Request for Proposal Writing Services form.

Once received, your request will be processed promptly. A writer will then contact you to formally accept your request and to set up an initial phone meeting. This initial phone meeting will allow us to get a broader scope of your project and to answer any questions you might have. After this call, the proposal writer will conduct relevant project research and will determine if he/she has the information needed to write the proposal. If they do not have the information needed, the proposal writer will request a second meeting to get clarifying information and materials and/or ask you to fill out a Proposal Background Brief, a form meant to collect comprehensive information about the project, proposal, and donor. The proposal writer will then create a first draft and collaborate with you on revision to get to the final product.